Friday, April 9, 2010

Frugality is Challenging

Frugal fleet management is quite the challenge. To save $160 (the cost of two new patch panels from Clark’s), I’m cutting sections off Old Betty, drilling out spot-welds, separating fender from wheel-well, and when all that’s done, I still don’t have a completely rust-free patch.

Another part of the challenge is remembering what used parts I have and where I’ve stored them. I envy those who let the Corvair vendors do their storage of new parts for them. I can’t afford that luxury. A couple years ago, I was fortunate to be given a bolt bin that I promptly filled with loose, little parts. It sure made finding those small items easier. Unfortunately, the bin immediately filled up and I still have boxes of parts on the shelf not to mention all the bigger parts that are spread around the garage.

The last couple of evenings I’ve spent some time rebuilding carburetors. Lucy’s current pair seem to have some issues that I want to clear up before the upcoming track day. From the carburetor cubby located above the work bench I pulled down two complete assemblies. One was an original from Lucy, the other I’d pulled off Ringo when that side wasn’t idling. I tore down the Lucy one Wednesday and soaked the bowl and venturi cluster overnight in carb cleaner. Interestingly, I discovered that carb was missing the pump discharge needle. A quick visit to the carb part box, and I had a replacement. Last night I removed, rinsed, blew out the cleaned parts, reassembled, and adjusted that carb. Next, I tore down the Ringo one and put the bowl, cover, and venturi cluster in the cleaner to soak. I’ll pull those parts out tonight, and do the rebuild and the swap this weekend.

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