Monday, April 19, 2010

CPotD #87 (What's Missing?)

The subject of this Motor Monday CPotD is the engine in a ’61 Rampside. It’s appears basically original except for the alternator swap. While the patina of this well-used, long-sitting powerplant doesn’t make it too photogenic, I chose this image because of what’s missing.

Because of their inherent design, all FC (see sidebar) and wagon engine compartments had two access doors instead of a single engine lid. The main access was a large panel (seen hinged open in the above photo). That panel, however, could easily be covered by cargo, and since it’s important to be able to frequently check the oil level, GM had to provide a second, rear-facing access door and a relocated dipstick. An interesting tid-bit is the replacement engines came with features to accommodate either dipstick location.

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