Friday, April 16, 2010

CPotD #86 (Convertible Envy)

A glance out the window of my office says it’s sunny and says it’s 82 degrees, so it must be time for me to envy everyone who has a drivable convertible. Today’s CPotD just had to be a drop top ‘vair. A visit to the Flickr Corvair Pool of photos led me to the photostream of RedCorvair1969. I could spend hours drooling over all the images in the thirty sets they’ve posted. In addition to car show shots and scans of fourteen different Corvair brochures, this enthusiast has got scads of photos documenting the restoration of his beautiful red LM ‘vert. Many of those were CPotD worthy, and I’m sure someday this car will be in a CPotD.

Today’s honor, however, goes to a drop-dead gorgeous ’66 Corsa. As you, the reader, must know by now, I’m a sucker for any car painted any hue of orange. So, finding this combination of color, condition, and the mag-style wheel covers and I knew I’d found my CPotD and a new wallpaper for my computer.

Speaking of convertibles, I saw mine yesterday. Well, at least the front grill area. My ’65 Pontiac LeMans is currently going through a lowering process. I’m trying to permanently deform the springs by storing a ton of parts in and on her. A real shame she has to sit there and patiently wait to move to the top of the project list. Someday.

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