Thursday, April 22, 2010

CPotD #90 (Less is More)

Back in the fifties, the more chrome on a car, the better. With Chevrolet, the top of the line Impala had far more chrome trim than the bottom of the line Delrey or Biscayne. When Chevy came out with the Corvair, they took a different path. From the outside, the top of the line Monza (Model 900) had less chrome than the lower level Model 700. The big difference was the chrome strip that ran around the entire beltline of the car. My first Corvair was a ’62 Model 700 and I thought the beltline strip was so sharp looking.

Today’s CPotD was found while Googling images for Corvair Model 700. It was the nicest one that popped up, so it got the honors. It’s a ’60 that’s been impeccably restored.

Another interesting difference between Monzas and the lower levels was seat covers. Vinyl for Monzas and cloth for all the others. In many people’s minds, one of the most beautiful Corvair interiors is the ’62 Model 700 in red. The cloth used for the seat covers is a brocade. Reminds me of something you’d see in a Cadillac.

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