Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CPotD #79 (More Weirdness)

How many of you thought the El Camino was a good idea? Sending a car to do a truck’s job. What were they thinking? While Chevy’s first foray into a car-based truck lasted only two years and used the full-size ’59 Brookwood two-door station wagon. In 1964, when their smaller Chevelle was introduced, they brought back the car-truck (or is it truck-car) calling it a utility vehicle, and for the next twenty-three years you could go into your Chevrolet dealer and purchase this Chevelle-based vehicle.

So, the El Camino was available during all five of the Corvair LM’s years, yet GM never offered a mini El Corvairo. Well, somebody took care of that oversight and it’s the subject of today’s CPotD.

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