Friday, April 9, 2010

CPotD #81 (Rampside Revelation)

Two reasons I chose this photo I found on Flickr for CPotD honors. First, it’s a prime example of the type of old car you’d find for sale if you decided to shop in the desert areas of our southwest. It’s probably just sat in that dry air for a couple decades and appears none the worse for wear. The photo is part of set depicting the sale of one man’s Corvair collection. Click here for the rest of the photos. I looked at this image long and hard, and couldn’t see any rust. I grew up in CA and it wasn’t until I spent time with my lovely wife-to-be in upstate NY that I realized how voracious the tin worm could be.

Today, it’s all about supply and demand. The greater supply of solid southwest restoration candidates results in asking prices significantly lower than what I see for eastern cars. And eastern cars typically require rust mitigation.

The other reason I chose to feature a Rampside was Mikhaila has changed her mind about our father-daughter project. She now wants a truck. We’ll see if she feels the same way a year or so from now when we get serious about finding her first car vehicle.

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