Thursday, April 8, 2010

CPotD #80 (Flying Time)

The other day I celebrated my 49th birthday. These yearly events don’t mean much to me since, thank God, I still feel healthy, full of energy, and not any closer to retirement than I was last year. I can’t help but reflect, however, on my children maturing so quickly in the last few years. This coming summer will mark many milestones: Brianna is getting married; Ariel should be halfway through her college experience; Victoria will earn her driver’s license; and Mikhaila will become a teenager.
Today’s CPotD is of the younger two taken at a Long Island, NY car show around eight years ago. I'm not sure how I coerced them to attend, but I do remember telling them they could be in the pictures if they made funny faces. They jumped at the opportunity to be silly.
Even though time does fly, some things never change. They still like to make funny faces.


  1. great post dad, especially the part about Ariel SHOULD be halfway throug her college experience.