Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ah Harbor Freight, Your Treasures are Irresistible

This entry could also be named, “I was only going to buy a face shield, honest!”

I was out this morning getting my license renewed, and even though I entered another time dimension when walking through their front door, my MVA experience only lasted an amazingly prompt twenty minutes. Understand that twenty minutes in Earth time is only seven minutes in MVA time, so having my mug electronically captured (I went for the smirk rather than the smile this time), eyes checked (yes, I still need glasses), address verified (like I could have found someone to buy my house), and organs dedicated (what will be left of them) in such a short period must have been a record.

But I digress. Since my ordeal had not been epic, I felt I had time to go two blocks down the street to the frugal mechanic’s favorite emporium of all tools Chinese. Harbor Freight, like the MVA has its own time dimension, but unfortunately time speeds up rather than slows down. A simple, quick stop for a single item always turns into a slow walk though every aisle to make sure I don’t miss that vital doo-dad or gizmo that they are just about giving away that day. So, even though the Safety Equipment aisle with the face shield I needed was right inside their front door, I could not resist walking round the store snagging essential articles until my arms were full. After an extra thirty-five dollars and fifteen more minutes, I finally escaped. I got exceptional deals on a couple flap wheels (for grinding down welds) and two hose hangers (better than big, loose nails for storing air hoses), decent deals on a package of ten cutoff wheels (all this sheetmetal work has got me running low), a bag of earplugs (so Victoria doesn’t have to share my earwax), and some butt weld clamps (no more wavy welds), and an okay deal on a tarp (now whichever project’s been relegated to the driveway will be somewhat protected).

Oh yeah, I did remember the face shield.

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