Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CPotD #64 (Fitch's Phoenix)

Today’s CPotD shows a car designed and produced by a man whose most-seen invention sits on major interstates across the nation. The yellow, plastic, sand-filled barrels placed in front of fixed structures were designed and developed by John Fitch. He was an inventor and innovator with a background in auto racing. There are many sites on the web detailing his life and accomplishments; this Wikipedia page being one of them.

When GM came out with the Corvair, he saw the potential for it to be a track-worthy car. Initially, Fitch modified stock Corvairs calling them Sprints. Later, he designed and built a two-seat sports-car using the LM Corvair as the basis. The car in the foreground of today’s photo is the Phoenix prototype. The image was shot at the 2009 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance in Connecticut and posted on Autoblog’s website.

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