Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ringo’s to be Rescued and Refurbed

Tomorrow morning early I will drive the Suburban to work with the towing equipment (hitch, tow-bar, strap, and light set) in the back. Around two I’ll depart for Millersville to drag the antagonistic automobile home where he will remain until he has been made one hundred percent reliable. What does that mean? How about the following:

  • Drop the engine and rebuild with new cylinders, piston assemblies, rings, and rod bearings. This will stop the blow-by that’s been continuously pumping oil into the air cleaner fouling the carburetors and plugs and causing poor idling. This will also mean the end of constantly checking the oil level and adding a quart every fifty miles or so.
  • Install a replacement torque converter with a good ring gear. This will ensure the starter engages EVERY time, not every other time like it does currently.
  • Clean out and re-seal all seams I can get to. This will keep the carpet dry.
  • Remove and reinstall the rear window with a new seal and better technique. This WILL stop the constant leaking that’s rusting out the floor under the rear seat.
  • Cut out the rusted metal under the rear seat and weld in replacement patches. Coat everything with Rustoleum and/or POR-15.

When I’m done, Ariel can expect to find Ringo roadworthy fifty years from now. Lucky her ;-)

Now I have no idea how I'll squeeze in these tasks. If ever my Triumvirate of Tribulation (see sidebar) was more evident, I certainly don't remember.

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