Friday, March 5, 2010


Last night I spent a couple hours out in the garage doing prep work. To prepare Glinda for Bondo and paint work, I cleaned off duct tape residue from around Glinda’s front and rear windows. I found a couple places in the front window track that still needed some rust removal, so I got out the Naval Jelly and, using an old toothbrush, applied to the affected crevices.

Brianna and Nich are coming to spend this weekend with us, and with Nich’s car iffy they may need to drive Heidi up from Blacksburg. If Heidi does come up, I thought it would smart to grease the driver’s side rear wheel bearing to prevent a reoccurrence of this (click here). If that happens, I need to get New Betty out of the garage. The coziness of my workspace forces me to creatively store items. My laziness inevitably results in burying one or both of the 4-wheeled occupants under stuff. So, to prepare New Betty for life back out in the elements, new homes were needed for snow sleds and disks, boxes of new and old car parts, a pair of bucket seats, a towing light set, assorted tools, a couple spoilers, a dashpad, empty oil jugs, one of Glinda’s turquoise wheels, and four or five large pieces of cardboard. I was able to relocate everything but the seats, spoilers, and cardboard. I’m sure when it comes time to move the car, I’ll transfer the stuff to the roof of the next victim.

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