Monday, March 29, 2010

CPotD #73 (Corvairs, In Europe?)

When I was a child growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, we listened to the radio in the car. One of the few radio commercials I remember from that period of my life was for Berkeley Farms dairy products. “Farms, in Berkeley?” was the tagline in all their ads. Corvairs in Europe are as unlikely as cows in suburbia.

Today’s CPotD, however, is proof that there are ‘vairs across the pond. I don’t remember the occasion at which this photo was snapped, but the odd license plates are the evidence it was in Europe, and the file name leads me to believe it was a Swiss Corvair Club event. Also, here’s a photo of a VIN plate listing Antwerp, Belgium as the country of origin. According to Kent Sullivan's article, Switzerland was a second country of origin. Kent goes on to describe how the GM assembly plant would gather all the sub-assemblies and parts necessary to build a car, crate them up, and ship them to another GM plant for final assembly. These crates of parts were known as “Completely Knocked-Down” units.

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