Friday, March 26, 2010

CPotD #72 (Speedy Spyder Successor)

The story goes that as Chevy was planning the introduction of the dramatically changed Corvair for the 1965 model year, they were still planning on using the Spyder name for their turbo-charged 2-door. There are even some GM photos floating around showing the Spyder insignia on the fenders of a LM coupe. For whatever reason, Chevy ended up changing the name to Corsa and this model lasted for two years. In addition to the turbo-charged engine, now 180 horsepower, the Corsa could be ordered with a normally aspirated 140 horsepower version. This setup included two extra carburetors mounted on special cylinder heads to improve air flow through the engine thus contributing to the 30 HP bump from the next hottest engine.

Today’s CPotD is courtesy of Norm Witte’s excellent website. He’s got one of these highly desirable CORSA turbo convertibles. There’s a great story behind the acquisition and restoration of this gorgeous vehicle on his site. Filled with photos, it’s well worth the read.

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