Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vapor Lock or Something Else

So Ariel called me this afternoon VERY frustrated with her car. She had driven it to the store and parked it for a little over thirty minutes. Upon leaving the store, the car ran for about a minute and then died, and then wouldn’t start. She, like I, assumed vapor lock again, so she poured gas in a carb and restarted the engine numerous times, but it just won’t stay running. She called me and asked that I come tow the car home and keep it. She’s sick of the stress of being stranded, and I guess I don’t blame her. I’m certainly sick of the hassle of rescuing it. My original thought was to install a backup electric fuel pump, but I thought I had better ways to spend the $50+. I figured I could get away with having her only drive the car to and from work or school, leaving it sit long enough after parking each time to cool down preventing the vapor lock. That didn’t work.

If it is vapor lock, then why did it just start? Could it be the fuel pump is now bad explaining why it won’t start today even after sitting for over an hour by now?

Ariel does not want the car back unless it is absolutely reliable. How do I guarantee that on a nearly fifty year-old vehicle? Ah, the frustrations of Corvair Fleet Management.

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