Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CPotD #69 (Lucy at Speed)

Lucy and I running at BeaveRun last fall is today’s CPotD. It’s especially relevant since I just registered for the next NECC time trial event. The awesome, hi-res photo was taken by the wife of one of the racers and is posted on NECC’s website.

This one’s right in my backyard at Summit Point Raceway’s Main Circuit on May 3rd, so I won’t have to burn money on hotel and restaurant - a VERY good thing indeed.

Needless to say I am excited. With new tires since the last time I was on a track, I expect a significant improvement in cornering ability. To get myself prepared, I’ve started memorizing the course using an online turn-by-turn guide and an in-car video. Lucy is already pretty much prepared. Okay, I guess that hinges on your definition of “pretty much.” I still need to change the oil and filter, lube the front suspension, clean and repack the front wheel bearings, rotate the tires, complete the master cylinder swap, purge the brake lines and re-fill with synthetic brake fluid, check the condition of the brake shoes, and re-install the harness in the front passenger seat. I’d also really like to get the front valence patched and maybe cut a coil out of each rear spring. Hmm, “pretty much” is beginning to sound more like “no where close to.”

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