Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another “Ran When Parked”

Went to look at a LM convertible for sale yesterday. The craigslist ad said $500 and the location was just down the road from work. It’s a maroon ’66 with a 110 HP engine and an automatic transmission. If it had been relatively rust-free, I’d have given serious thought to revising my current plans. While it wasn’t bad for a $500 convertible, it would require performing plenty of metal magic before being beautiful again. After pulling off the tattered car cover, it was good news bad news. While there didn’t appear to be rust at the base of the windshield, there was some along the top of top of front wheelwell. While the driver’s door opening was solid, there was some pretty good bubbling on the front surfaces of the passenger opening. The trunk and engine lids looked solid, but there were cancerous holes at both rear lower edges of the front fenders. The interior and engine appeared complete, but the upholstery was shot and the engine has sat for a few years.

The seller had a nice story about how he used to drive it frequently and parked it on the street, but then the top got a hole cut into it by some vandal, so he moved it up into the driveway where it was only driven on nice days. A few years later, he found that he didn’t drive it at all anymore and that now it would not start. With health issues, his wife convinced him it was time to put it up for sale.

Since I already have a relatively rust-free convertible patiently awaiting my attention (a Pontiac), I truly had no business even entertaining the thought of acquiring this one, but I justified the gas by being able to tell others that, if they have the skills, it’s a pretty good deal. Much, much better than the $2200 ‘vert also for sale near me.

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