Friday, March 12, 2010

Exhaust and Exhausting

Last night I took a look at and a listen to Ringo’s exhaust. Ariel had complained of a headache and exhaust smell the last time she drove him. I first checked the packings (gaskets) between the exhaust manifolds and exhaust pipe. No leaks there. I did, however, hear excessive noises from the driver’s side exhaust manifold, so I pulled off that side’s shrouding. With the engine running it was easy to confirm that cylinder #6’s spent gases were being allowed to leak into the heater space – not good. Unfortunately, since it was Thursday night, a call to the Corvair Ranch in the morning would not get me the replacement packings in time for Ariel to drive the car back to school Sunday. I had another option – Gary, the local Corvair guru. Unfortunately, I had to leave a message, but I’m confident he’s got the parts in a drawer or on a shelf in his basement.

The next portion of the evening was pushing Old Betty and New Betty around the driveway. I wanted to get Old Betty into the garage before the rain hit so she’d be accessible to cut patches off this wet weekend. It actually went easier than I’d expected, but was exhausting nonetheless.

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