Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CPotD #55 (EM 4-doors Are The Proverbial Needle)

Today’s CPotD is one of those low-resolution photos that Craigslist only seems to support. After Mikhaila’s surprising revelation that she wanted an EM 4-door, I’ve kept my eyes open for any REALLY, REALLY good deals (read: FREE). Well today I went hunting on Craigslist and only found a couple of possibilities within two-hundred-fifty miles of our home. The photo shows what appears to be the best deal of the two. It’s not a REALLY, REALLY good deal, but it looks like a pretty good deal. I like the beltline trim these models have, so I felt the picture was CPotD worthy. I really wish Craigslist would accommodate decent photos. Here’s the link, and if it’s gone, you can view it here.

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